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Numerology Calc

Download FREE  -  Nastradamus Numerology Software

Features of this program:

  • It calculates all possible types of number that is defined in

    • Indian Numerology

    • Western Numerology

    • Chinese Numerology

  • It follows:

    • Pythagorean method to calculate numbers (i.e., explained by Decoz in his book "Key to your Inner Self")

    • Hebrew alphabet value (i.e., explained by Cheiro in his book "Book of Numbers")
  • It also calculates some of the very basic astrological terms

Download FREE  -  Nastradamus Numerology Software

Here is a link to download my Numerology Software. It is a basic software that will calculate many basic things for you.

Download this file on your system. Open it and unzip the file. Please refer Read me.txt file for further details.

How to use this programme?

This program is very easy to use. You just have to enter your full name in the text box. Then press ENTER key to go to the next field, i.e., DOB. Here, enter your date of birth. Again press ENTER key to go to the next field, i.e., Path. Here type the path to store/save your report. And press ENTER key to generate the report.

On the next screen it will show you the path where it will save your report (with the name of your report file). Press enter to generate & store the report at this location. After that this application will close.

You will see a complete report having numerological calculations. It will calculate all the possible numbers related to as much data as you have provided. It will give the basic numerological caculations of western, chinese as well as indian numerology. You can't have all that in single software.

I suggest you to read FAQs, before using the program.

For any feedback/suggestions/query, please mail me at akbittu@gmail.com or drop a feedback here.

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