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Personality Explorer

Personality Explorer is a program to explore your personality based on your name & date of birth.

The idea of this program came into my mind from an email I'd received. And it was a forward mail so I don't know who is the originator. Hence author of this program's content is anonymous.

The logic behind it's prediction seems similar to the combination of part of astrology & numerology. For instance, it asks you your name only for the first alphabet. This kind of prediction that is based on letter is numerology. Then it asks you your month of birth which is based on somewhat sun-sign of astrology.

It is my personal experience that it's prediction is around 99% correct. So guys you should try it at least once.

Enter your name & date of birth. And press Predict button.

For any feedback/suggestions/query, please mail me at akbittu@gmail.com or drop a feedback here.

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