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FAQs regarding Nastradamus Numerology Software are given below:-



Willie Loh wrote:

My date of birth was suppose to be 31/07/1976 but the report came out

Please check the date output format.
Hi Willie Loh,
Thanks for sending me the feedback. I'll work on it. 
But anyway you can still use this software by changing the format of entering DOB, that is ... Enter 7 in place of 07.
It will then work.
In other language, enter single digit number in its original form and do not add digit-zero as prefix.
Abhishek Kumar



Gordie & Janelle Hendrickson wrote:

Hi Janelle,
Thanks for sending me error report. I'll work on it.
Anyway you can use it even now.
Possible Reasons and Solutions for this error:-
1.  You might be entering wrong path that might not exist. Check that.
2.  You might be entering a path that tries to create some new folder. It can't create a new folder. So please enter pre-existing folder path. Check that.
3.  You might be entering a path as it displays in windows. As the programme works in DOS mode thatswhy it also uses the path as it is in DOS environment. Check that.
4.  Do not use a folder name whose size is more than 8 characters.
5.  For simplicity just enter the drive:\ and it will create file at this location( drive:\ ....html ). Then copy and paste that file to any location via windows explorer.
6.  Do not enter filename. The program will assign it on their own.
Abhishek Kumar



Angela wrote:

Hi Abhishek, the report it generated was nice, thanks for sharing your software. Well, I also entered a 0 in the date as someone had mentioned, as when it's written dd/mm/yyyy it makes me think it's supposed to be like that. When I was at the second to last page, where it tells me my report is saved at the location, I went at that point to see if it was there...and it wasn't...the reason being, I didn't know I still needed to press another enter since it says it's saved...so, perhaps you could reword it and say like 'your report will
be saved upon pressing enter at the following location' etc or however...and, another suggestion would be add a continuation or exit option on the final page. Nice job, Angela
Hi Angela,
Thanks for the feedback. I'll work on it. The next version will be free from all these error.
Date problem is reported by few more people. So in the present version, do not add zero as prefix before month number. In other language,
 if month<10 then
     enter M
     enter MM
Saving Report Problem :- You are right it will save the report after pressing enter when the message about saving location is displayed.
'Continuation' or 'Exit' point is good. Presently, if the date field is left blank then it will ask for continuation or exit. If the date field has the valid date then it will generate the report and exit. 
Abhishek Kumar


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