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This article will open your mind and clear your concept regarding Numerology, a branch of an Occult Science.

What is Sound?

Sound is a disturbance of mechanical energy that propagates through matter as a longitudinal wave, and therefore is a mechanical wave. Sound is characterized by the properties of sound waves, which are frequency, wavelength, period, amplitude, and speed.

By sound, we commonly mean the vibrations that travel through air and can be heard by humans. However, scientists and engineers use a wider definition of sound that includes low and high frequency vibrations in air that cannot be heard by humans, and vibrations that travel through all forms of matter, gases, liquids and solids.

Human Senses

Humans perceive sound by the sense of hearing that is one of the five senses.

Each sense of a human is directly connected to the brain. Thatswhy, a human brain can easily be affected via senses. They are affected in two types - physical and psychological.

Psychological effect can be seen when we hear some very irritating sound. We call it irritating because we don't like that sound and don't want to listen that even for a second. See how our behaviour gets affected due to that sound.

Observing Physical effect isn't that easy as it take long time to reach at conclusion. But the theory behind that can be understood.

Sound waves have frequency that can affect human brain if exposed for a long time. Due to this effect, brain alters its way of functioning. This happens to adjust with the exposed frequency.

Human behaviour directly depends on the way the brain function or thinks. That means, sound can affect human behaviour.

How a human behaviour can be analysed on the basis of their name?

Everybody calls a person by their respective name. While calling, sound wave is used. Every name that is made up of alphabets has some unique frequency combination. That affects the brain differently. As a result, it’ll create different behaviours.  

But it is possible that, the intensity of its effect could vary from person to person.

It can become a very interesting topic of research that ‘How a human brain is effected by sound’. But the bad thing is that, no major steps had been taken until now regarding this subject. Whatever little we know is based either on personal research or on ancient texts.

And due to this no proof had been submitted up yet. That is the major feedback behind the treatment of scientists that this subject is not a science. But the fact is, they have not yet researched on this.

Have you ever thought that how science explains or proves the fact?

Scientist regularly watches natural phenomena and then creates a formula which explains that. 

Extracting the fact of nature is not that easy because depends on time taken to complete the phenomena. That means if a formula is devised before completing the phenomena then it can’t explain the complete result. So a complete observation is a necessary factor in proving a fact with the help of science.

The subject about which we are talking faces the same question. Because it’ll take lots of time to observe and explain this fact. And the alterative is a huge database which can be mined via computer. But collecting that huge database will take hundreds of years. So no single person can do complete this research in his life span.

Thatswhy we believe that if our ancestors have this science, they must have continued their research for generations. And put the fact in their text, what is available now.

Whatever the truth may be, but the fact is that its prediction goes true. And if science couldn’t be able to explain it, we can’t overlook or avoid this.

In India, they know this fact and used it well. They had devised whole new subjects on this basic fact. Tantra, Mantra, Yantra are all based on this fact. Even a part of astrology and the whole numerology is based on the same.

-- by Abhishek Kumar

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